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Inauguration of the Education Center in Dolphin Village

We have great news to share with you: yesterday, Saturday 16/01/2021, the inauguration of our education center could be celebrated. Not only the Dolphin Village Team and neighbors were participating, also village local officers and District local education officer were invited and expressed their gratefulness for the Project. They assured their support and expressed how important it is to have such an education center in the community, due to the fact that a lot of adults still can’t read and calculate properly. Neighbours were able to ask questions and everyone could see the progress made in a little detour around Dolphin Village.

Another Highlight of the day was the handing over of furniture for the Kokomba School nearby, including 6 chairs and tables for the teachers.

What a great day! Thank you so much to all our supporters, the people in Dolphin Village working so hard and with all their hearts, also to the local authorities for supporting the Project.💕

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