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Chipole Orphanage is located in the Ruvuma Region in South Tanzania, with the closest urban centre, Songea, 42km away. It belongs to the St. Agnes Convent, in which Benedictine nuns attend to various social projects. In 1963, the first orphan was taken in and the number grew steadily. The children are now housed in a separated building near the convent. The orphanage sustains itself through cultivation of their own land and occasional donations. Two nuns are responsible for the children, one of which is a trained nurse.



When we first came into contact with Chipole Orphanage, we found that, unfortunately, the daily organisational and agricultural tasks along with the daily chores took most of the nuns’ energy so that little time remained for personal care. For that reason, Elimu decided early on to support the orphanage in regard to pedagogical care.




Over the years, the following was achieved due to donations from Elimu:
– Establishment of a kindergarten for the children too young for school
– Pedagogical education of two young nuns who now help out at the orphanage
– Funding of primary education for some of the children (school fees, school uniform, material, etc.)
– Financial support for pedagogical staff
– Financial support in other areas such as nursing supply, baby food, etc.

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