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During her time in Tanzania, Nadine met new people and developed the wish to have a more active role in the pedagogic work on site. Along with her Tanzanian friend Anna Munisi, she developed a plan for a new orphanage. Anna had already inherited land near a small village in Bagamoyo district but didn’t have the financial means to start construction.
Construction for the first family house began in summer 2016. For this occasion, Nadine Wulf and Michael Pfaff travelled to Tanzania and assisted Anna Munisi in the organisation of the project.

In 2018, the first house was fully built and furnished and we were ready for the children!

We patiently waited for all the official licenses and in August 2019 the time had finally come: the first three children moved into the house along with their “Mama” (kindergarten teacher & primary caretaker) Flora.

We called our plot of land “DOLPHIN Village” and decided to give animal names to our individual houses as well: the first house is called “Tembo House” – Tembo is Swahili for Elephant. 

In the long run, we want to establish a small “village” with several small family houses, with one Mama per house caring for 5-6 children.

Luckily, we receive a lot of support from the people in the village and surroundings.

To put all these plans into action, Anna Munisi founded the Tanzanian NGO “Organization for Passion and Life (OPAL)” that focusses on improvement of living conditions for deprived children and families. Elimu and OPAL are working together closely to achieve the following goals:

– let orphans grow up in a loving environment
– discover the children’s individual potential and support them according to their needs
– make sure by means of education and personal care that the children will have an independent and fulfilled life

To facilitate access to education for people in the village we plan to build an ‘education centre’ in 2020, offering courses in alphabetisation, English language and agriculture.