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In 1995, Imke Prüser travelled to Tanzania as a student intern and got into contact with Chipole Orphanage in a little village in Songea Region. Her experiences with the children and the encouragement she received in Germany from friends and other interested parties eventually led her to found the NGO Elimu e.V. in 2003. Slowly but steady, the number of members grew and thus enabled achievements such as the establishment of a kindergarten for the children in Chipole.

In 2005, Nadine Wulf joined the organisation and, along with her friend Nadine Hinz, travelled to Tanzania shortly afterwards in order to conduct research for her master thesis.
Three years later, Jelena Hopp spent several months as a volunteer in Chipole Orphanage and joined the board on her return.
Over the years, Nadine Wulf travelled to Tanzania several times to check up on projects and met new important contacts such as Anna Munisi, who founded our partner organization OPAL.
In 2016, Nadine took over as chairwoman of Elimu e.V., following consultation with Imke Prüser. In April 2018, she was confirmed as chairwoman and Nadine Hinz was appointed deputy chairwoman of the board.
Since its foundation, the board has been supported by a dedicated circle of friends, without which our work would not have been possible.